I am currently a PhD Candidate at the Australian National University and Data61 CSIRO. I am a recepient of the Australian RTP scholarship and the CSIRO postgraduate scholarship.

PhD Thesis Topic

My topic for my thesis is Cross-domain Question Answering for Specialised Domains. I am researching into developing strategies for translating success found in open-domain Question Answering research, adapting and applying them to the biomedical and software engineering domains. In particular, for the biomedical side of things, I aim to research methods into improving patient QA to allow patients who self-diagnose to get valuable feedback in how likely their disease is to be, the risks and if this requires medical attention. Studies have shown that almost a third of patients who search their symptoms online and self-diagnose do not seek a second medical opinion afterwards leading to a potential detriment in health (a patient who believes they are terminally ill might take actions they otherwise might not have). Furthermore, patients who do look up their symptoms online have shown to have better rapport with their medical examiners due to a greater awareness of their symptoms and diseases.

2020 Overview

  • 4th place out of 56 teams in TREC-Covid Round 1 in the Automatic track
  • Participation in the BioASQ Question Answering challenge, Exact Answers Track (Approx. 3rd place)
  • Long Paper Submission to CoLING 2020 and EMNLP 2020
  • Teaching at USYD remotely for travel ban affected students

2019 Overview

  • Paper accepted into SIGIR 2019 at Paris, France (A* Conference)
  • Workshop paper accepted into ACL SRW 2019 at Florence, Italy (A* Conference) (35% Acceptance Rate)
  • Postgraduate High Honour Roll at the University of Sydney for Highest Mark in Empirical Securtiy Analysis and Engineering
  • Median rank during BioNLP MEDIQA Challenge 2019 under team name ANU-CSIRO (Workshop paper accepted!)
  • Short Paper accepted into ALTA 2019 at Sydney, Australia
  • Long Paper Submission to ACL 2020

Personal Coding Projects

  • Lan-based VPN, Git and Mail Server
  • High-speed tokenizer with Rust
  • RSS feed watcher that indexes to MongoDB
  • Discord ChatBot with Rust
  • Security-focused personal-use password manager for my most used applications
  • Discord ChatBot with Python
  • Manjaro and Archlinux Ricing